Supplying the right brand ambassadors – every time

Choosing the right people to represent your brand is key to a successful event marketing campaign.

Remember, the brand ambassador you choose is a key element of any event, as it should portray your brand in a positive way to the public. To maximize communication and engagement, businesses should always choose a team of people who complement their brand’s target audience. For example, it’s essential to consider the dress code, and if you’re targeting a young, fancy audience, a business suit is no good.

Big global brands often choose well-known celebrities who relate to the brand ethic and share their values to endorse their brands in an ambassador-like fashion. This is a proven strategy as celebrities are associated with brands in all aspects of their careers during endorsement campaigns. Although there are many recent examples of how other aspects of a celebrity’s life can damage a brand’s reputation. This results in celebrities being fired as brand ambassadors and forcing brands to start campaigns from scratch incurring huge costs.

Before taking a step back and recruiting people, consider the overall goals of your campaign and think about your prospect’s demographics, ethnicity, regional accent, age, and native language. This is an important factor to investigate when building a successful event marketing team.

Carefully selecting people from a concentrated database of known and trustworthy people is one way to ensure the success of your campaign.

Once you’ve assembled a team to promote your brand and products or services, spend enough time training them to ensure a successful campaign. This allows you to fully prepare team members for each project, review full briefings, and drill down into every detail. During training, teams immerse themselves in the experience and become ’emotionally attached’ to the brand on the go.

What is clear about brand ambassadors is that there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to matching them to the right direct marketing event campaigns. However, considering factors such as your brand’s target market demographics along with your campaign’s desired results, and providing training days, will help ensure a successful brand ambassador and winning event.